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About Lark

Lark Dean Galley has been called the "Time and Money Guru" because she's so passionate about both. Each is a resource that should be cultivated and guarded as a sacred trust. Through actively studying these topics for over 30 years, she understands what each can teach us and how our thoughts create our experience -- whether good or bad -- with both Time and Money.

While working in Corporate America, she earned a multiple six figure income with 88% of her earnings coming from commissions. She left in 2011 to become a private consultant allowing her to finally achieve the time flexibility she craved. Lark has noticed that it's usually those without money who are constantly consumed by it. Having come a long way from her very humble beginnings, she's made it her mission to share what she's learned to help others.
Lark has 25 years sales experience, was the top Global Senior Sales Rep for a Fortune 500 company, is a graduate from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program, runs her own training company, participated in various startup companies, and is a partner in a trucking company. She has traveled around the world, competed in Olympic length triathlons, won 1st Place in the Toast Masters Area 41 International Speech Contest, and continues to pursue personal growth on all fronts. Her family life is full with four children, four grandchildren, and a husband who is a full time engineer and part time Lieutenant Colonel for the Army Reserves.


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10 Habits of the Rich

Lark Dean Galley shares 10 Habits of the Rich

1.Rich people* focus on their goals every day.
Wealthy people not only set annual and monthly goals, but the majority of them put their goals into writing.
2.Rich people know what needs to be done today.
Wealthy people not only keep a to-do-list, but a majority of them accomplish 70% or more of their tasks each day.

3.Rich people average less than one hour of TV viewing per day.
The wealthy choose to use their time pursuing more productive activities.

4.Rich people love to read nonfiction.
The wealthy spend a majority of their reading time on self-improvement books averaging at least 30 minutes a day learning how to improve their lives.

5.Rich people listen to audio books.
A majority of wealthy people listen to audio books during their commute to work.

6.Rich people believe their health influences their success.
Wealthy people know that being healthy means fewer sick days which in turn means more productivity and more money.

7.Rich people take c…

Control Your Bookends -- Eight Steps to Mastering Your Day

Control Your Bookends – Eight Steps to Mastering Your Day

What You Need to Know to Gain Control of Your Life Right Now!
By Lark Dean Galley

Ever feel completely overwhelmed -- as if you were just spinning your wheels and all your efforts were getting you nowhere despite your hard work? Do you promise yourself the night before that tomorrow will be different only to have everything fall apart – again?

I know as a busy mom with 3 young children, a spouse who traveled all the time, and a demanding career, it seemed I was barely hanging onto life let alone moving towards my goals.And you can forget about any sort of life balance or time management! The only balance I seemed to have was a young child on each hip and the dream of getting more than 5 hours of sleep each night.

How could I possibly manage the outcome of my life if I couldn’t even manage my day effectively? Frustration and despair set in as I felt farther and farther away from where and who I wanted to be. Didn’t my husband and ch…

Episode 2: Prosperity and Goal Setting

Lark Dean Galley shares her secrets on how to achieve your goals.

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