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Stop Losing Customers

Lessons from divorce and suicide: God knows you and you matter!

Lark Galley shares lessons learned from divorce and suicide: You are not alone, everyone matters, and there is NOTHING that cannot be resolved or overcome.

Lark’s Bio Lark has lived all over the United States and seemed to attend a different school every year of her life. She was even a foreign exchange student in Sweden as a junior. For this reason, she loves to travel and has been all over the world. She also loves reading historical fiction. She loves her workout time and her morning self improvement time at 4:45 AM (which according to her is the best time to get this done!) Lark has 4 children, 4 grandchildren, and a husband who is a full time engineer and part time Army Colonial. She received her BA in Political Science and a Masters degree in Economics from the University of Utah. She has worked in sales for a global company where she earned the #1 Senior Sales Rep award. Lark currently runs her own small trucking company …

How Do I Handle Disappointment -- even divorce and death?