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5 Reasons Why You'll never Be Rich Working for Someone Else

Lark Dean Galley shares 5 Reasons Why You'll Never Be Rich Working for Someone Else
My parents were entrepreneurs, so I guess you could say it’ s in my blood. Since my earliest days, I defined success as having my own profitable company. For many years I held myself back from taking the “Big Leap ”. Now – with the time freedom I have – I wonder why I waited so long! Maybe, like me, your definition of success includes being your own boss but you ’ re worried about what this might mean for your financial future. Let’ s explore 5 reasons why working for someone else will never make you rich!

1. You're Building Someone Else's WealthWhen you work for someone else, you ’ re building their assets. An asset is something that puts money in your pocket every month. They could include your own business, investments, passive income, etc. Is a paycheck an asset? No, because if you stop working it stops showing up. Plus, with all your living expenses, you ’ re probably investing very littl…