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Control Your Bookends -- Eight Steps to Mastering Your Day

Control Your Bookends – Eight Steps to Mastering Your Day

What You Need to Know to Gain Control of Your Life Right Now!

By Lark Dean Galley

Ever feel completely overwhelmed -- as if you were just spinning your wheels and all your efforts were getting you nowhere despite your hard work? Do you promise yourself the night before that tomorrow will be different only to have everything fall apart – again?

I know as a busy mom with 3 young children, a spouse who traveled all the time, and a demanding career, it seemed I was barely hanging onto life let alone moving towards my goals.  And you can forget about any sort of life balance or time management! The only balance I seemed to have was a young child on each hip and the dream of getting more than 5 hours of sleep each night.

How could I possibly manage the outcome of my life if I couldn’t even manage my day effectively? Frustration and despair set in as I felt farther and farther away from where and who I wanted to be. Didn’t my husband and children deserve someone who was centered and happy? What about my effectiveness and performance at work? And most importantly, how could I get my values and goals to line up with my daily activities?!

It was during these chaotic years that I learned I had VERY little control of what happened during my day.  What I did have control over was how I spent my time at the beginning and end of the day – my bookends so to speak.

Small Changes Add Up!
As I began to control my bookends, life started getting easier.  Not from a work load stand point but more from my ability to cope with all the demands on my energy and time.  As I started and ended each morning and night by connecting with my values and goals, I became more centered and focused on the long term outcome -- not just feeling overwhelmed by the most recent crisis. I finally felt the day to day struggle mattered and that the big picture I held of my future really was possible.

In this course, I teach you the importance of doing these 8 steps every day. I promise as you implement these strategies, you will not only gain more control over your day but even more importantly, you’ll finally feel you are living in tune with your values as your actions begin to align with your desires.

In this course we’ll explore:
1.     Waking Up.  Learn the “games” to assist you in starting your day off right.

2.     Vision Board. Find out the most important times of the day to access your subconscious and skyrocket your results!

3.     Affirmations. One of my affirmations allowed me to close the biggest sale of my career. Learn how this powerful tool can assist you as well.

4.     Prayer/Meditation. Find out how prayer/meditation affects your success in other areas.

5.     Journaling. Learn the #1 tool that helped me double my income 4 times in one year and achieve the greatest peace in my life.

6.     Exercise. Learn why the physical affects all the other areas of your life.

7.     Motivational Reading. Did you know mindset is the #1 indicator of whether or not you’ll achieve your goals?

8.     Set Your Intentions. Find out the secret to getting the outcome you want!

If you apply these tools to secure your bookends, I guarantee you will experience dramatic improvements as you come into alignment with your values and goals. This in turn will lead to a massive shift in all your relationships whether they are business or personal.  
Get control of your bookends and see massive improvements in your life!

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